Competition Day Returns

After last year’s hiatus, classes compete in annual homecoming event


Seniors show off their class colors at the pep rally with student Alyssia Johnson holding a “Class of 22′” sign. Photo by Natalie Garwood

Austin Lamphier, Reporter

An old tradition returned on Tuesday, Oct. 5, when competition day moved to Swinehart Field.

Last year, the annual event was cancelled while students learned remotely due to COVID restrictions. When Utica Community Schools announced that no large gatherings could occur indoors, Student Council quickly moved the games outdoors.

Originally planned for Monday, weather postponed the assembly to Tuesday, kicking off high school spirit for the rest of homecoming week with performances, games old and new, and the introduction
of this year’s homecoming court.

“It was the best competition assembly we’ve had,” principal Tom Lietz said. “I think student council did a great job. Not perfect, changing it from Monday to Tuesday, but those things happen.”

Several students had complaints about the speakers, which played distorted music, and sound that couldn’t be heard.

“The speakers were terrible,” Hoang said. “But other than that, the school spirit was on point and it was pretty fun.”

Hoang, being a senior, only attended one other competition assembly before the pandemic.

“This one was more enjoyable,” Hoang said. “I think that’s because I’m a senior this year, and I actually knew what was going on.”

Underclassmen overwhelming said they enjoyed their first competition day assembly.

“I thought the assembly was fun,” junior Dean Melan said, “especially when the band was going through the halls. The whole day I was hyped and for homecoming week as a whole.”

Sophomore Regan Kelly agreed.

“I think it did alright,” Kelly said. “I mean I think a lot of people enjoyed it and it was pretty funny to watch. My favorite moment was probably just being there with all of my friends.”

Current juniors and sophomores, like Melan and Kelly, haven’t experienced the assembly in the main gymnasium since it was cancelled last year and was moved outside this year, due to COVID-19 protocols.

“I think it’s better outside because there’s more room,” Kelly said. “I guess there’s a lot more possibility to what you could do.”

Overall, the outdoor assembly was a success.

“If I can choose anything about next year, the speakers would work,” principal Lietz said. “That was awful.”