Masks In School

It’s a personal decision.

Dylan Hadfield, Reporter

With a new school year comes new problems and new
rules. The COVID-19 pandemic has brought new challenges
for all of us. Big or small, you have been affected by
it in some way.


A major topic of the pandemic is masking. Some programs
say mask up and some say no mask needed. In today’s
life we deal with complete states that are against it
or for it. Even breaking it down on a lower level, you have
some businesses that are for or against.


Personally, it should be up to whatever you as a person
are feeling to do. The respect factor needs to go both ways
for both parties. Some people think that masking will be
the new normal. COVID will not be going
away anytime soon. No matter how
we are pushing vaccines, there is still
going to be a percentage of the public
that will not be vaccinated.


COVID-19 will evolve into a “Get your COVID shot today” almost like a
flu shot. You will walk into a pharmacy
and see posters of it. Because of this,
some people won’t get the COVID
shot just like how some people do not
get a flu shot. It should be up to the person and their beliefs.


We all have to be understanding of that for right now
this is the new normal.


There are no signs of COVID slowing down for the
most part. It may be cleared up by Christmas, maybe Easter,
and maybe even next summer. We do not really know
all we know is that we all are trying to find a new normal
and just make it through. But for some this is our normal.
We are growing up with being a huge part in out lives. I
would not be surprised if some people do not remember
life pre-COVID.


With all that being said, whether you like to mask or
unmask, just do what makes you feel more comfortable.
At the end of the day it is your life and you can do what
you want.