Clover System Installed

School store accepts credit cards for purchases over $3

Loriana Mannino, Reporter

Chieftain Connection, the school store, is now accepting credit cards in all stations.

“We accept all credit cards,” teacher Dana Boice said. “Apple Pay, as well’’.

The old system was outdated, so Boice said it was time for an upgrade.

“It’s much more modernized,’’ Boice said.

Students working in sales appreciate the new system of taking cards.

“It’s a lot easier to take everyone just at the window,” senior Anthony Chirco said.

With this new system of pay, it also helps students spend less.

“It lowered our spend minimum for card sales,” senior Bernadette Shamoon said.

The newer system of pay also helps students get ready for the future.

“It’s getting students ready for real life businesses,’’ principal Tom Lietz said.

The system change introduces students to the commonly used payment method Clover.

‘‘Clover makes POS and small business management systems for every type of business. Take payments, run your business, and sell more whether you need a countertop point of sale, a handheld device, or no hardware at all,’’ Clover’s website said.

Since using card is more convenient than losing or dropping money, the new system makes students lives slightly easier.

“Debit is more convenient than cash,” junior Demetri O’Neill said.

This system isn’t like any old register. It’s very modern, fitting students’ futures with any type of sales jobs.

‘‘Clover point of sale devices work independently or together,” according to their website, “powered by
a cloud-based system that puts everything you need to run your business at your fingertips.”

Chieftains can now buy items with more speed and less stress.