New holiday video games released for 2021



GameStop, popular video game store that sells games, consoles, and other electronics. photo by mct campus

Austin Lamphier, Reporter

For this holiday season, stores will be packed with the newest and latest video games. This year has had some heavy hitters so far, such as “Hitman 3”, “Resident Evil Village”, “New World”, “Far Cry 6”, “Forza Horizon 5”, and many more.

In November, one of the most popular video game series released their new title “Call of Duty Vanguard.”

“I like the graphics and the game play style,” senior Joseph Perry said. “The weapons are fun to mess with but the only downside is the lack of content.”

The newest entry in Call of Duty reverses things, taking place back in World War II. The game’s campaign features a 4-way story with different perspectives from multiple battlefields of the war. It also continues the much enjoyed “Zombies” franchise with the lead developers returning from the previous game, “Black Ops Cold War”.

Though for both Perry and senior Julian Trimceski, the most exciting game coming out this holiday season is “Halo Infinite”.

“‘Halo Infinite’ is my number one choice right now,” Trimceski said. “I am definitely 100% looking to get it for Christmas. The free-to-play multiplayer has already been released and is a blast to play, especially with friends. The campaign is sounding pretty sick, so you already know I have to get it. I’m also a massive fan of the Halo franchise, so there’s that too.”

“Halo Infinite”, being the last standalone title in its series, is one of the more highly anticipated games of the year.

For some people, this years releases just aren’t exciting enough compared to next year’s.

“I’m most excited about ‘Elden Ring’,” sophomore Hector Martinez Martinez said. “I’m just a fan of the MMORPG games.”

The hype for “Elden Ring” comes from it being created from the same people who made the famous “Dark Souls” series. They also collabed with fantasy novelist George R. R. Martin, famous for the “A Song of Ice and Fire” novel series.

“Yes, I have played the new ‘Call of Duty’ and ‘Battlefield 2042,’” Martinez Martinez said, “and they were both horrible games.”

“Battlefield 2042” takes the setting of the title series to the much awaited future.

“Battlefield 2042,” along with “Call of Duty Vanguard,” and “Halo Infinite” ends the year of 2021 with a lot of hype. This excitement will continue with releases like “Elden Ring,” “Dying Light 2,” “Rainbow Six Extraction,” and “Horizon Forbidden West” which all come out early next year.