The Incomplete Life and Random Death of Molly Denholtz

Fall play hits the stage

Gracie Wetherington, Reporter

The fall play, “The Incomplete Life and Random Death of Molly Denholtz,” is in the making. The show will be held Nov. 18, 19, and 20.

“The Incomplete Life and Random Death of Molly Denholtz” is a drama that addresses teen issues, and is about how all different classmates react to the death of a peer.

“I like it because it addresses real-world issues,” teacher Joel Kaczmarczyk said, “like in this case, a classmate dying.”

This year’s play was also chosen for its ability for actors to socially distance.

“Going through the process of looking for a play, I was looking for something more COVID-friendly,” Kaczmarczyk said.

“I was looking for something where you don’t have to have everyone on stage at the same time. Since this is a bunch of small scenes that make up the play, there could be people working out in the halls while
others are on stage, and we can rehearse three days a week instead of five.”

Auditions for the play were held on Sept. 14, 15, and 16. Sep. 14 was monologue auditions, Sept. 15 was
partner auditions, and the last day was call backs.

“I was late,” sophomore Kaimoss Spencer said, “but exceptions were for everyone who missed a day of school or had jobs. While auditioning I felt very nervous, but once I was in character I was feeling
way more comfortable with myself and around others who were auditioning.”

After three days of auditions, the official cast list was posted on remind and near Kaczmarczyk’s classroom on Sep. 17.

“I was really excited to see I got a part,” sophomore Nadya Derosa said, “but I was also nervous because I knew it was a really big responsibility. Overall, though, I was really happy to start practicing and working on my part.”

For Utica’s seniors, this is their last play. This play is a little different then most since Utica’s theater department has not done a performance in a while. Not only have they not done a drama in a while, but this drama also addresses real world issues and gets into emotional subjects.

“I love that my last play is a drama. It is a really unique experience and unlike anything we’ve done before,” senior Ella Derisley said. “It shows the talent of Utica’s finest actors and allows us to really get into our characters. I’m so excited to be a part of the show and am so proud of everyone in it. They have definitely made my last play here a great one.”

“I think it’s really interesting because I’ve never done a drama before,” senior Isabella Hellebuyck said, “so I’m excited that in my time at Utica I am getting the opportunity to do a drama. I also really enjoy working with and bonding with everyone in the cast and crew, and becoming my character has been a really fun experience so far.”

Tickets for “The Incomplete Life and Random Death of Molly Denholtz” will be on sale both online and at the door.