Dawn FM


Demetri O, Reporter

After the mass success of After Hours, The Weeknd announced that a new album was in the works. Later in 2020, The Weeknd announced his fifth studio album, which released Jan. 7 of this year that had mixed reviews from fans and critics alike.

Dawn FM was either a hit or miss for some longtime Weeknd fans who’ve been waiting anxiously two years for new music, but for some it was a nice refresher.

When asked about Dawn FM, two fans love everything about it.

“I like Sacrifice and Less Than Zero. I also like A Lonely Night,” junior Amanda Johannes said. “I like Dawn FM because it’s a good vibe, and I expect his next album to be top of the charts.”

The other fan loves Dawn FM for its story.

“My favorite song on the album was definitely Gasoline,” senior Ethan Smale said. “I liked Dawn FM more than After Hours. I just liked how there was somewhat of a story to the music and the vibes were good. I think he’ll try to make another album that tells a story with hints of relations to his past albums.”

Dawn FM didn’t receive as much praise from the public like After Hours did, but critics share their opinions on the album.

““After Hours” has resonated for nearly two years after its release, and in the face of another phase of a daunting pandemic, it seems that “Dawn FM” — possibly the Weeknd’s best and most fully realized album to date — will help carry fans through this one as well.” Variety said.

However, some critical fans disapproved of the album.

“What a disappointment after the incredibly impactful “After Hours.” The album, outside of two to three tracks, is just boring. Songs all sound the same and never reach any kind of peak. There is no real vibe or emotion to feel when listening to these tracks. It’s not party enough to be a feel good fun album. Not emotional enough to make you reflect. It just kind of is there. A weak, monotonous effort overall. Just add the small handful of songs you like to your library and dump the rest because it’s mostly filler.” Metacritic user, EuphoriaVibe, said.

The prerelease single, Take My Breath, took over charts worldwide and landed sixth on the Billboard Hot 100, along with a few other tracks from Dawn FM.

“Sacrifice” made it to eleven, “Gasoline” hit twenty-nine, “Is There Someone?” made it to thirty-one, and “Out Of Time” landed below “Is There Someone?” at thirty-two, and “Less Than Zero” at fifty-three.

In conclusion, Dawn FM was either loved or hated by critics and fans alike. The Weeknd’s new release didn’t really make or break as much records as After Hours did upon its release with its numerous remixes and collabs with Doja Cat and Ariana Grande, but it still is rising on Billboard regardless.