With the season still in play, girls varsity basketball is on the way to an amazing season outcome

Anthony Flowers

The Utica Chieftains girls basketball team is hav-
ing an outstanding season. Halfway through, they

have only lost one game. The chemistry and the

ball movement between the girls has been amaz-
ing, with a lot of returning players and a couple of

younger players that are learning to adapt to the
varsity level.
“So far the season has been going really well,”
senior Madison Bajis said. “We lost our first game
to LCN, and we are going to play them again and
Senior Ana Cvetkovski agrees.

“The season so far has been amazing,” Cvetkovs-
ki said. “We have a great team, and I can’t wait to

see what the feature brings.”
Due to COVID, last year the team was only able
to play half the games of the normal season. This
year the girls have shown improvement, and have
been working hard together to make up for the
games they didn’t get to play last season.

“I would say this season is everything we wanted

last year and so much more,” junior Natalie Shtog-
rin said. “We have great team chemistry, no one is

selfish, and we all have gotten so much better indi-
vidually to help set us apart from our competition.”

“I think the season is going great so far,” sopho-
more Sarah Fromm said. We have a lot of the same

players as last year and a few new people, but we re-
ally work well together well and move the ball good

as well. I think we all work hard and practice to get
better not just for ourselves but as a team.”
The varsity team is an amazing set of individuals
with the way they have been playing, and when the
time comes to play L’Anse Creuse North, they’ll be
These girls are amazing alone, but fans agree that
when they come together and work as a team, they
are unstoppable.

“Our season is going great and is really enjoy-
able,” senior Lina Rea said. “We all want to get bet-
ter every day and we work hard to push each other

to our limits, which puts us on the path to success.”