Welch breaks school football record

With the season still in play, 1,516 passing yards rank at the top

Anthony Flowers

On the field, starting quarterback Darren Welch plays for
his team, which claims to make him play harder as a family.

Welch currently has a total of 16 touch-
downs and holds the school record

with 1,516 passing yards, while also
leading the Utica Chieftains with a 5-4
“It is a great accomplishment for
him and I’m very proud of him,” coach
Matt Marulli said. “He has worked very

hard and has done a great job of mak-
ing plays all season and being the lead-
er of the offense”

“It was a very special game,” Welch
said, “but breaking the record I couldn’t

have done it without my amazing re-
ceivers and strong line.’’

Last season, Welch only started a
few games, and ended his junior year
with three touchdowns and 411 yards.
Fans and teammates are amazed by how much this young
quarterback has improved.
“Welch is the best quarterback I’ve ever stepped on the field

with,” senior Anthony Flowers said. “If it wasn’t for his amaz-
ing passing skills we wouldn’t be where we are without him.”

Welch’s ability to make reads and get the ball to his receiv-
ers, as well as his focus in the pocket, is

next level.
“Darren is a great quarterback and

I expected nothing less from him,” ju-
nior Tommie Boyd said. “He’s been my

quarterback since I was a freshman
and he’s my guy, so I’m proud of him;
he deserved it.”
The team has pulled through and
made it to the playoffs versing Romeo
in the first round.
Making it to the play offs felt great

because it doesn’t happen often at uti-
ca,” Welch said. “I’m hoping to win the

first playoff game in school history and
I’m feeling very confident about it.”
Off the field, Welch has a 4.0GPA,
and is trying to figure out the future.
“I have plans to go to Michigan State University to get a
business degree,” Welch said. “I’m ready to play on the next