John Adkins, Reporter

For those who don’t know, DECA is a club for marketing students. Have an interest in debate? Then this club might be a good option for you.

“Practice always leads to more confidence,” principal Thomas Lietz said. “Failure is a part of learning.”

There’s always the chance you could fail but if that chance didn’t exist what’s the point in trying. Nothing that you get without working is worth having.

This club gives you an opportunity to match wits with peers. An opportunity to show through preparation people can debate just as effectively as anyone else.

“The judges determine if someone is worthy,” junior James Duff said, “to go to states at districts.”

If you have an interest in debate and want to be better than everyone else, you have to make it to districts first. From districts, you can go to states to earn even more awards.

It may not sound exciting to go to districts or states, but DECA can help you with more than just awards. Another thing that debate can help you with is scholarships, the more awards you win the better it’ll look on college applications. This group can also help you with social anxiety, it can get you more used to and prepared for future social conflicts or debates.

In DECA there will be people that have studied and prepared for weeks. Debates are trading information back and forth; it takes work and dedication. If you want an environment where you will not only be in a good community of people, but that will also challenge you, then joining DECA’s team could be one of the best moves you make in your high school career.

“Anytime you can take what you learned to competitions,” principal Thomas Lietz said, “it’s better.”

Being prepared for a competition is one of the most important things, but another preparation that most look over is mental readiness. With sports some people don’t want to try them because they believe they physically can’t do it. DECA however requires no physical strength, it’s all preparation and confidence. If you can find the right information and present it with a clear voice and raised head, fast and efficiently, you can succeed.