Video game release

Juan Avalos

Many gamers wait in anticipation for the day the new video games are released. In 2022 there are some

interesting releases that gamers seem to be excited about. One of the largest talked about games is the

old but classic Pac-Man, called Pac-Man Museum +. It is releasing May 27, 2022, and includes 14 of the

franchise’s arcade games. There are also new customizable features and missions. This game can be

played on any console! Just like Sniper Elite 5 which is coming out the day before Pac-Man’s release, on

May 26th. This series has some history behind it, players are put into the shoes of a soldier from World

War II. In this game, players go to France to stop a secret Nazi project. Although most of these games are

not historically accurate there is some information that is. It is a great year for Sonic fans as there are

many new things involving the character, including a new game that releases June 23rd. Sonic Origins

will be part of the 30th anniversary celebration and will be available on any console as well. It will

include new animations and features both classic and anniversary modes. In July Teenage Mutant Ninja

Turtles: The Cowabunga Collection will be releasing. Which is a limited-edition collector’s set, so players

will have to be quick to purchase it. The box set retails for about 150 dollars and includes the game with

original design, a cloth poster, figurine of all four characters, a pin set, trading cards, and a coloring book

that follows along with all 13 chapters. There are a variety of video games coming out this year. These,

however, seem to be the most popular and anticipated games that players can’t wait to get their hands on.