Girls Swim Team Breaks Records


Natalie Garwood

In the team pool at Eisenhower High School, sophomore Niki Chen takes a breath in between strokes.

Riley Davey, Reporter

The girls swim team was very successful this year, getting third place in divisions and breaking multiple records. Abby Keen, Izzy Haewsky, Abby Goodwine, and Cordelia Kraus are the swimmers responsible for breaking the record. Keen broke the 100 free in 54.25 seconds, the 200 free in 1:57.79, and the 50 free in 25.18 seconds. Haewsky broke the 100 breast in. Kraus, Keen, Goodwine, and Haewsky together broke the 200 medley relay record in 1:59.51 seconds.

The coach and students are very proud of their fellow swimmers and feel that they did a great job.

“They did an incredible job keeping the team motivated and working hard,” coach Joe Michol said.

“Lots of training,” junior and breaker of three records Abby Keen said.

“I think we did good because we all worked very hard,” junior Marissa Escalona said.

The members of the swim team are confident that they did their best and are proud of their accomplishments.

The swimmers are overjoyed that they managed to break these records.

“Joy!”Abby Keen said. “It was pretty surreal.”

The coach of the swim team, Joe Michol, was also very proud of the swimmers.

“I am so proud of how hard the girls worked this season,” Michol said. “Their dedication, hard work and enthusiasm for the season paid off.”

Michol is also very popular amongst students and staff.

“Coach Michol is certainly one in a million,” princpal Thomas Lietz said.

“I love him, he is very sweet and kind and he always pushes us to our limits, he knows what we are good for and he knows what we can accomplish and he believes in all of us,” Escalona said. “He is like our friend, very kind and funny and always has our back and will help us whenever and with whatever.”

Coach Michol and the swimmers all worked very hard this year in order to achieve success.