Student work displayed in show, entered into contests


This is one of two pieces that senior Cordelia Kraus received awards for at the art show.

Alexander Schmidt, Digital Editor

The district’s art show returned this year, and took place at the community center in Sterling Heights from March 22-March 24. The Scholastics show is still going on, and occurs at the College for Creative Studies.
“It took a lot of hard work and dedication. Avery Urban (Gold and Silver Key) and sophomore Melanie Williams (Silver Key) were two of my students that won awards,” teacher Erin Beckwell said. “Avery has been working for three years toward this award, and Melanie has been working all year toward hers. I was ecstatic. I screamed out loud when I saw their awards; I am very proud of them.”
The artists were excited to learn about their recognition.
“I was awarded a Gold Key for my photo. It took hard work, and many tries to get the ‘perfect’ picture,” Williams said. “The ceremony was held at the IRC. Of course, I am proud of myself and the others who were recognized, it’s not every day you can participate in these types of things.”
It has taken a lot of challenging work and dedication to get to receive these honors.
“It takes advanced skill, persistence, creativity, and excellent craftsmanship,” teacher Jennifer Allores said. “Cordelia Kraus won two Gold Key awards. Students who win at the Scholastic level are hard workers and dedicated to visual art. Of course, I was happy to see the results. Scholastics is the largest art competition in the USA for high school students.”
Students may also have their work featured in more than one show.
“I didn’t place at the Congressional Art show. I’m pretty sure there were only like three places out of like a hundred pieces there, so I’m okay with that, though,” Kraus said. “I’m just really dedicated to my artwork, and I spent a lot of time on the specific piece that got placed in. It was part of my sustained investigation for AP Drawing and Ms. Allore (my art teacher) loved it and wanted it in the show at the Lennox Community Center. I’m especially proud of everyone who entered and placed. It takes a lot to create a piece of artwork you’re proud of and even more courage to present it to others to be judged.”