Black History Month

Tyler Watford, Reporter

On Feb. 1 to March 1, we as a country celebrate the black people who pushed the limits during the push for civil rights.
Black History Month represents the legacy of the individuals who marched against the stereotype, breaking the mold that white people pressed onto them for years, as well as those who were part of the opposite color but came turned against their own “creed” to join the fight for equality.
This month is meaningful to black families who understand their ancestors and the past of their culture,
I’ve even learned from my elders about what life was like when they were young and growing up and what they have gone through.
Learning about others’ problems and struggles provides a different outlook on a situation and changes how you will react or act to it.
Many black parents/adults have a lot of knowledge to provide to the black youth through their experiences.
“Some white kid called my daughter up and started screaming racist comments into the phone,” my aunt Lynette Fleming said, “and I just went off on him.”
Black History Month is great, but it shouldn’t be just a month where we show appreciation for black people.
There shouldn’t be a single month where we are waiting for the mic to be passed around, where we wait for February to show appreciation.
A month should just be everyday life, we should show appreciation and respect every day, and it needs to be talked about because of its impact
There shouldn’t be a month where it is finally in the headlines and the topic of everyone’s page for just a month.
Every big company changes their whole image for a month, then reverts back to what they were like before
This is for any and all other holidays a that only span a month or even the ones that are only single-day events.
All these should be a known thing that are recognized and talked about yearly.
Having these be just a month is just a lazy solution for people to say they “appreciate the history”.
It is a holiday and that’s great, but this is the only time black history is talked about and publicized nationally.
Once the month is over, we turn back to normal, going back to our human form when the moon isn’t out just like werewolves.
It’s crazy to think how Black History Month has changed with the generations with the black youth. For this month many were TikTok created.
Many of these TikTok’s had brought more awareness to the topic without people really thinking about it
“After posting these people treated me differently,” sophomore Kailyn Spencer said. “They started treating me like a black woman.”
There are endless videos on social media of black teens taking a different approach to spread awareness, getting viewers to chuckle.
To me, Black History Month is highly important. It is definitely one of my favorite months of the year, sitting behind April and December.
The celebration of the people, their culture, and their history is a celebration of my people, my history and my culture.