It’s never too early for Christmas music

Ethan Smale, Editor in Chief

Christmas celebrations seem to begin earlier and earlier as the years go on. With this being said, it’s important to draw a line as to when too much is too much. For several reasons, this line should start at Jan. 1.
Christmas music brings nothing but joy into the hearts of any human being with a soul and a happy heart. Why must we limit the amount of joy one receives in a year? This question is yet to be answered as the “Christmas haters” ignore this point in an attempt to spread more hatred into the world. This is an unacceptable truth of the matter and proves one big reason Christmas music should be optional year round.
Another reason why this music should be allowed year round is the personal preference of music for individual people. I for one will admit, more than occasionally I find myself listening to Frank Sinatra. During this, several of his Christmas songs come on. When they do, I don’t skip them, because the old-fashioned style of music is still appealing to me. Often times, Christmas music has very catchy sounds to it, and people should be allowed to bop to the music whenever they please.
Lastly, the sheer thought of Christmas spirit should be enough reason for anyone to listen to this music whenever they want. Without Christmas spirit, the joy of the entire winter season is stripped from society. This being said, hyping up the season by listening to music early should almost be considered an obligation. The greater amount of people preparing themselves for the season ahead of time, the better the season will end up for everyone that celebrates it each year.
Christmas is by far the “most wonderful time of the year” and it needs to be celebrated as such. Failure to do so will prevent the holiday from getting the recognition it deserves, and create a downward spiral to the point in which Christmas is treated as if it is any other day of the year.