Starting off the year with a new play


Alexander Schmidt, Managing Editor

“Blood and Sequins” by Rachel Bublitz will have three showings: Thursday, November 3 at 7 pm, Friday, November 4 at 7 pm, and Saturday, November 5 at 4 pm.

“The play the theatre department is putting on this fall is ‘Blood & Sequins’ by Rachel Bublitz. It is a prom-themed murder mystery with some added comedy. I am the director,” senior Savannah VanPamel said. “I got the position after assisting in directing the spring musical last year and applying to direct this show. I am most excited about the play because Utica will be the first school to perform it.”

The auditions are Tuesday and Thursday of next week. They will be held right after school on those days.

“I teach all the Theater Classes during the school day, and Mr. K runs all the after-school plays and musicals. This is my first year teaching Theater at UHS, and I am very excited. Last Spring, Maddie and Savannah filled out an application and applied to direct the play. After a lot of interviewing, they were the two candidates we thought were best for the role.” Lindsey Tycholiz-McKiddy said.

tomorrow after school there will be an informational meeting in the theater right after school.

“I am the Director of Theatre, but I consider myself the Producer because I have student directors.” Joel Kaczmarczyk said. “I am most often the scenic designer although this show I have a student who is working with me to design the scenery for the fall play.”

Tickets will be sold online and before the show each day.