No Power, No Shower


Tyler Watford, editor

It was August 29th, seeming to be a very calm and relaxing end to summer vacation, but the weather had other plans.

First strong wind, then the dark clouds rolled in beginning a downpour, trees were falling, leaves flying, someone’s inflatable pool taking flight.

Each of Utica’s football team sat in the wrestling room just waiting for their fundraiser to start then suddenly the lights flickered then… darkness

“We were just chilling” Junior Nuhmehne Gwilly said “just waiting for our fundraiser to start than the lights went off”

Gwilly was very calm during in this situation.

“I couldn’t take a shower!” Junior Dylan Kelly said.

Kelly could not take another minute of staying at Utica with the power out, and I’m sure many player’s just wanted to leave right after the power was gone.

Not just at Utica, but in some of the surrounding neighborhoods their power was out as well

“I had no power for 4 days,” teacher Lynda Kammann said. “and I didn’t even get it back till the 3rd day of school.”

“My power was out for 3 days,” junior Gjon Sinishtaj said. “Trees fell in my sub, and I prayed we didn’t have school the next day”

“Darn, my powers out” junior Adam Fritz said.

There were many that were affected by the power outage.

“I fell asleep like the storm was never there” teacher Regina Shikwana said. “Storm strike me in other ways”

“kind of fun” Sophomore Steve Akers said.

“I just watched the storm from my work” senior Madison Sokolowski.

Different students and teachers had there different perspectives of the storm, and were affected differently by it.

A sudden event taking place right before the first day of school.