Utica varsity soccer fight results in tie

Refs call game after both teams receive red cards


Michigan Soccer Network YouTube Screenshot

The fight between the Utica soccer team and Fraser was broadcast live.

Paul Disho, Reporter

Utica’s Varsity Soccer team versed Fraser high school on Sep. 14. The final score of the game was 0-0, as the game ended early due to the teams getting into a fight toward the end of the game.

“He was mad I was celebrating,” junior Gabriel Capelj said, “so he pushed me.”

The fight was first started when a player on Utica hit and knocked down a player on Fraser, while both players were running for the ball, the players took exception and started shoving.

“I pushed the guy back,” Capelj said, “then his teammates came and started shoving the whole team and made it a bigger problem than what it should have been.”

Both teams got red cards after the fight was separated, so the refs decided just to end the game right at that moment, resulting in a tie.

“I started pushing back because I was defending my teammates,” junior Joshua Price said. “We can’t let them push us around like that and not do anything about it.”

This fight led to multiple players on Utica getting suspended the next game against Notre Dame Prep on Sep. 17.

“I was at the game,” junior Hector Cholagh said. “This was the first time I saw a fight like this at a high school sport event.”

Unfortunately, Utica went into the next game shorthanded vs Notre Dame prep high school; the game also ended in a draw with a score of 1-1.

“I don’t think it was that much of a fight,” principal Tim Youngblood said. “The refs let it happen and could not control it. Five players were suspended the next game, and possibly a few more games depending on the investigation that is being taken place.”