Final date decided for powderpuff game

Powderpuff game rescheduled to October 26th


April Alexander, Reporter

The powderpuff game is finally going to happen. Signups are happening right now from Oct. 12- Oct. 14. The game has been rescheduled for Wednesday, Oct. 26.

“I know a lot of people that sign up for the powderpuff game every year,” senior Ethan Britton said. “I’m happy that they finally have a date for the game, I know a lot of people were frustrated from the delay so it’s good that they figured that out.”

“It’s better that they have a final date now, because I can be punctual,” senior Hana Shaba said.

The final date makes students and future participants happy to finally know when the sought-after game is going to be played.

“I’m excited that the confusion surrounding the game is gone,” junior Sydney Watt said.

Finally having a date for the game is exciting and reassuring. After so many days of confusion and issues with field conflict and just no one relatively knowing what’s going on, it is refreshing to finally have some organization and an actual date for students to ready themselves.

Make sure to attend the powderpuff game on Wednesday Oct. 26, it’s going to be a great game and you do not want to miss it.