Competition day


Alessandra Ivanaj, Reporter

Natalie Garwood

School is back in session again, but homecoming is also back to greet us. Competition day is here and all of our cheerleaders, dancers, and band members are here to rally up the students of Utica High. Utica High’s most anticipated event of homecoming week got the students riled up.

“I was so excited,” sophomore Crystal Youanes said. “It was so great seeing everyone participate.”

At the beginning of the assembly, the cheerleaders and dancers put on a show with their performances, an introduction to the homecoming competition.

“Competition day was fun,” sophomore Luann Oldfield said. “My favorite part was being able to perform.”

Competitions that occurred during the assembly surely entertained the students, like musical chairs, human pyramid, and everyone’s favorite, tug of war. Plenty of students showed school spirit, and many were excited for the upcoming assembly.

“My favorite day was the day where everyone dressed up as their color,” junior Amberlyn Ramirez-Garcia said. “I felt proud because everyone did what they had to do for spirit week.”

It’s commonly said by students that the competition assembly is the best part of homecoming week.

“I enjoyed my time watching all the games and people singing to the songs,” Youanes said. “Everyone had a good time cheering their
team on.”