Homecoming dance


Alessandra Ivanaj, Reporter

You walk into the school gym, very crowded with energized students. The gym is decorated with balloons, enchanted trees, hanging lights, and ribbons.
Since 2020, dances have been held outside to follow COVID-19 precautions, but this year, the homecoming dance returns to the gym.

“I think it will be fun this year,” principal Timothy Youngblood said. “Students have had fun in previous years in the gym.”

Student council spent a lot of time preparing for the dance.

“We lost badly at the game, which was super disappointing. Afterwards, student council had to help in the gym,” sophomore Yana Jani said. “We segregated into groups and each group worked on a piece of decoration, like the balloon and the mushroom.”

They have been working on the homecoming events since August.

“Homecoming is the busiest week,“ adviser Melissa Kevonian said, “but it is rewarding.“

Teachers also enjoyed themselves at homecoming.

“I liked seeing the kids at outside of school and all dressed up,“ teacher Maria Rajewski said. “The best part is seeing kids have a good time.”