Playing and parading


Alessandra Ivanaj, Reporter

The homecoming football game had the Utica football team against L’Anse Creuse. The students but things didn’t seem to go as planned.

“We thought we were going to win,” sophomore Lauren Garwood said, “but we lost by 14 points.”

Lots of anticipation arose in the students who were at the game, watching the varsity football team play, but the score eventually came down to 28-14.

“We were playing tough, turning over the ball many times,” junior Tyler Watford said. “We kept the lead and it seemed like an easy win.”

The homecoming parade on Sept. 24 was very lively and a really good time for many of the students.

“People were excited and having fun,” sophomore Sean Mondello said. “There were students and their little siblings throwing candy.”

The cheerleaders, boys soccer teams, homecoming court were all there enjoying the march through downtown Utica.

“I felt kind of tired, it’s exhausting,” Mondello said. “It’s fun though.”

Homecoming week was very eventful, but many students had a good time.

“I’m a drum major, so I’m at the front of the parade,” junior Chloe Fashho said. “I enjoyed it, I liked hanging out with my friends.”