Students react to World Cup results


April Alexander, Reporter

Every four years, a very exciting event happens: the World Cup takes place in various countries. Many men of all ages and skill levels compete in an extremely high-class and competitive game of soccer.

“I look forward to the World Cup every four years,” senior Christian Cummings said. “The next one will be in 2026.”

Many people, including students at Utica, look forward to watching the famous games and rooting for their favorite teams and countries. Argentina was the winner of the World Cup this year, and many people have different feelings about this victory.

“I was very happy about Argentina winning the World Cup because I was rooting for them,” senior Giang Ky said. “I am a big fan of Messi, and my dad is a big fan of Messi, so I was happy about the win.”

Some students, however, were less excited about Argentina’s victory.

“I’m sad because my country lost, and I take French,” junior Julia Verellen said.

The World Cup is a very exciting and interesting sporting event, and many people are very excited when it comes around every four years, spending time watching it and rooting for their respective teams and countries.