Singing in the Snow


Alessandra Ivanaj, Reporter

On Dec. 17, the Utica choir class held a winter concert in the auditorium with multiple school choirs to put on a show that they’ve been working on since the first day of school.

“We had sixth grade choir from five elementary schools,“ choir teacher Lindsey Tycholiz-Mckiddy said, “and we had the Eppler’s choir in the concert.”

This concert was a team effort between Utica and the other schools.

“We had our own parts to sing,” junior Molly Collette said, “and some volunteered to sing with the kids from the elementary schools.”

Singing in a choir doesn’t mean that the members sing the same thing, they have them sing their parts with diverse styles.

“The choir is made of the alto, sopranos and baritones,” junior Katlyn Pace said. “Altos on the left, baritones in the middle, and sopranos on the right.”

This concert wasn’t just any other concert with singing, there were performances as well.

“We had choreography and solo acts performed by students,” junior Katie Maryanski said. “The solo acts took time and had to be practiced at home.”

It was commonly said to be a lively and positive atmosphere.

“The lobby was decorated,“ Maryanski said, “and they were selling popcorn, hot chocolate and roses.”

Multiple songs were sung by the choir and solo acts, such as “The Girl in 14G”, “Somewhere in My Memory”, and “AFRICA”.

“It was fun and very entertaining,” principal Timothy Youngblood said. “Lindsey is doing a good job rebuilding the class.“

The choir class worked very hard on the performance.

“It went well,” Pace said. “We never practiced with the elementary schools and only practiced on stage a couple days before.”

The choir class was relatively small throughout this year, but choir students encourage more people to join choir.

“We promoted the choir class on Instagram,” Collette said, “hoping that more people would join.”

The concert was considered a positive experience for many choir members.

“Student should join choir,” Pace said. “It is very fun.“

Students interested in joining choi can talk to choir teacher Lindsey Tycholiz-McKiddy.

Overall, the winter concert was a fun time for not only the audience that attended the event, but also for the choir members that performed on stage. It contains hardworking students and a display of talents, singing, and dancing.