Girls cross country gets new jerseys


Loriana Mannino, Social Media Manager

This season, the Utica girls cross country team has new pink jerseys for October.

“We are trying to run for breast cancer awareness,” coach Chris Scott said, “so we tried to incorporate the pink with the orange.”

Breast Cancer Awareness Month was created in 1985 to support people with breast cancer, as well as to educate people about the condition and spread awareness.

“I love that the new jerseys represent Utica’s colors,” senior Abby Fifield said, “and also help support breast cancer.”

The jerseys go from orange at the top to pink at the bottom.

“They are supposed to be like a sunset with a little twist in it,” senior captain Meagan Verellen said, “especially the pink. I think they have a very good idea behind them.”

To get this specific jersey, Scott had to go through a special company and get the jerseys customized.

“It’s a company called For Sports,” Scott said. “We went with them because they were able to do sublimation, which is the gradient pattern that we have on it.”

The team had a very positive reaction to the new design, and junior captain Addison Johnson has a personal connection to the jersey.

“I really like them,” Johnson said, “especially since someone in my family has had breast cancer and passed away. It’s nice to be able to wear during October.”

The team has a lot of spirit wear, as well.

“We have matching bows that say ‘In October we wear pink’,” freshman Siene Muraszeski said.

The jerseys brought a new type of confidence for meets.

“I like how they are different from our old ones,” sophomore Sophia Aquino said. “When we go to meets people are like, whoa, Utica has new jerseys.”

The team went to the county meet in these jerseys.

“County’s JV title is only the second time it has been won since last 2005,” Scott said.

JV did really well, but so did varsity.

“Since 1984, varsity has had eight top three finishes,” Scott said.

As for individuals, Logan Symthe placed first for JV.

“As far back as 2000,” Scott said, “we have never had an individual JV County Champ. Logan Smythe may be the first, pending any records from the 1980s.”

Sophia Aquino placed second in the JV race.

“We have never had first and second followed up by Sophia Aquino in the same race,” Scott said.

Johnson won first team all-county.

“Addison Johnson joins just two other athletes to ever get three times first all-county,” Scott said.

Muraszewski made some history as well.

“Siene becomes one of the five freshman to make all county,” Scott said.

Countys was historical for Utica for both JV and Varsity.

“Countys marked only the second time Varsity has put six girls inside the top 30 since 1988,” Scott said, “and the only time a JV has ever put five in the top 13.”

Many people wonder why Breast Cancer Awareness Month is in October.

According to, “in global effort to raise awareness on breast cancer, its accompanying pink ribbon is now synonymous with the month of October.”

Breast Cancer Awareness Month brings people together. You can say it has also brought the Utica girls cross country team together. Not only do the jerseys look fantastic on everyone, but it also has a special meaning in every athlete’s heart.