Out with the old as 2023 begins with resolutions


Gracie Wetherington, Copy Editor

New year, same traditions. Everyone has their own way of bringing in the new year. Utica’s family is diverse and have many different traditions unique to each person. Whether it is new year’s resolutions or celebrating on New Year’s Eve, everyone has something to share.

“My new year’s resolution is to spend more time off my phone,” junior Nadya DeRosa said, “and be more involved things outside of school.”

Many other students have similar resolutions to DeRosa.

“My first resolution is probably to get up earlier in the morning,” junior Addison Johnson said. “That way I can get myself fully ready and do more self care.”

Lots of students take the new year as an opportunity to better themselves.

“For my resolution this year I am really focusing on myself and just bettering myself,” senior Makenna Riggs said. “I am also continuing what I did last year with reading at least one book a day, which I was able to complete last year. I love reading so I really love challenging myself to read at least one book everyday.”

Some students are pushing themselves to work harder in school in the new year as well.

“My new year’s resolution this year is to really work on my school work,” junior Akiyah Henderson said. “I am trying to push myself and work on being more motivated. I think if I am more motivated my grade will improve and I will get more work in on time. I also hope to work towards better test grades.”

Junior Christina Bojaj has a similar resolution.

“I am really trying to focus on school and get good grades,” Bojaj said, “and I really want to put more effort into my work and what I turn in.”

Some students are really pushing themselves this year and working towards putting more effort into their school and themselves.

“My new year’s resolution is to be more kind to myself and others. I want to work on forgiving people and focusing more on myself,” junior Grace Jenkins said. “I also aspire to be more productive, especially with the oncoming SATs and other tests my junior year. I think it’s important to move on from my past. I am looking forward to spending more time with family and friends and the new experiences that this year will bring. I’m excited to turn 18 and it is important that I focus on preparing myself for the future in 2023.”

There are also many special ways that people celebrate both the new year and New Year’s Eve.

“I hang out with my family,” sophomore Tiffany Roose said, “and I stay up to watch the ball drop. Then I watch the after show.”

Many people take the new year as a time to be around family.

“My new years traditions are staying with my family, getting lots of food,” sophomore Adam Younan said, “and we gamble and play games for money. We all just stay up until midnight and have a good time.”

In addition to her resolutions, Johnson also has a special way of celebrating the new year.

“On New Year’s Eve I always have crab or something nice to eat and we hangout with our friends. This year I went to my boyfriend’s,” Johnson said. “New Year’s Day, we spend the day doing things with our grandparents.”