Bowling team bonds as season progresses


Gracie Wetherington, Copy Editor

Utica’s bowling teams have started their season off strong. The teams have really been bonding well and working on their perfect bowling technique. Sports have a special way of bringing many different people together in the best way.

“We stretch together as a team and we do a chant before the tournament,” senior Grant Levin said. “Before the organizer announces the start of the tournament, we take a bunch of pictures for the parents as well.”

The boys and girls team each have their own, yet similar, ways of preparing and celebrating.

“This year, a lot of times after tournaments or matches, most of the team really enjoying going to a store. Something like Target or Walmart. Wherever really,” senior Savannah Van Pamel said. “We just kind of walk around. We have gotten a lot of really weird looks because we are always really loud and having a good time. Besides that, we have team dinners that are also always really fun. As well as just hanging out before and after a tournament.”

Besides hanging out and having a good time, there are some fun things the teams do to prepare and get excited before a tournament.

“Usually before our games, the team does a chant. Recently we have started saying it in Arabic,” senior Nadeen Rashed said. “They thought it would be interesting to start saying it in Arabic. The chant is just ‘chiefs on three, one, two, three, chiefs.’ It is kind of like our good luck charm. After our games, we usually go like a random store and just hang out.”

Sophomore Hadley Clark felt similarly about the teams rituals before their games and what they do to become stronger as a team.

“We usually stretch together as a team and do a chant,” Clark said. “I feel like it really helps us to be better as a team and get really hyped up and excited before a game.”

Even the coach chips in on preparing for a game.

“We typically just have a normal conversation before we start,” coach Taran Heersma said, “to keep the nerves down.”

Bowling it about having the right technique and lots of practice. There is a perfect way for each bowler to throw the ball to get them the result they want.

“I mean really it just depends on how you throw it,” senior Sean Sun said. “So basically you are supposed to throw it with your hand on the side of the ball. This will basically get it to hook. That means it is going to curve around and hit the pins in the right spot.”

Other bowlers have similar ideas about their technique.

“A lot of technique is in the wrist placement,” VanPamel said. “It really depends how the ball comes off your fingers and trying to make sure you turn your wrist at the right point.”

Some bowlers even have a name for their technique.

“There is this thing called petting the cat,” Rashed said. “When you throw the ball, you are supposed to turn your hand to the left a bit if you’re right handed. You kind of just try to aim for the sky. The trick has worked for me, it is just like imagining you are about to pet a cat. Then you will hit your mark or the pocket exactly which will make all the pins fall down.”

Despite many similar techniques, some bowlers do something a bit different and unique to them.

“I actually throw the ball two handed. A lot of bowlers usually use a one handed throw,” Levin said. “Basically it is about having a consistent approach. As well as having good hand-eye coordination and smooth foot work.”

The boys and girls bowling teams are working hard and excited for what is to come as they continue to bond this season.