New Years Resolutions. Should you make them?



Bryan Orellana

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Bryan Orellana Galarza, Reporter

Why wait until the new year to start the new you when you can just start now? The idea of starting the new year with a “new you” sounds amazing, but it’s not practical as it’s much easier to lose hope later in the year. 

Studies show that 43% of all people are expected to fail before February, and almost one out of four quit within the first week of setting their New Year’s resolution. After two weeks, the number drops to 71%. After one month,  the number drops again to 64%. And after six months,  46% of people who make a resolution are still thriving in keeping it. 

Many peers who make new year’s resolutions don’t even go through it because, after a few weeks, the feeling of starting anew and wanting to start fresh fades away. “It’s true that when starting a new year, most people are going to want to change something about themselves, but the problem is that why to wait until the new year and not make the change you want to make right now?” senior Quinn Gilkson said. “Not only are you  wasting your time to make it feel more ‘meaningful’, but there’s a 99% chance you are going to  give up in a matter of days.” 

When making a resolution, constructing a detailed plan is a must If no specific instructions are in place,  there’s a better chance of it all crumbling down due to setting unrealistic exceptions, not going step-by-step, having too many goals at a time, inability to identify obstacles,  and one of the worst emotions there is stress. 

“People tend to create super crazy goals that are just not for them or not achievable,” senior Nathan Richards said.  “I’m not saying don’t do them or that they’re not achievable, but you have to know who you are to know what is  and how is the best way to grab that goal and achieve it.”  

If you want to make a change because you feel that change will make you a better or different person, then do it. Don’t wait until the start of a whole new year to do so.