Utica Softball Teams Raise $12,000 for Field Upgrades.

During the spring, the softball team decided it was time for a change. They chose to create a fundraiser called “vertical raise.” The fundraiser resulted in $12,000 worth of donations. To do this, they sent out emails to family and friends asking for money to build new fields and equipment for the girls. One of the major changes on the fields was the shiny, new scoreboards, allowing the players to see the scores clearer from a further distance.

“I remember when the scoreboard was replaced,” sophomore Allison Derk said. “It looked so cool.”

Another thing that changed was the field in general, and it needed a major change.

“Weeds covered the whole field before it got fixed,” junior Samantha Patrick said. “It took us four hours to clean it up on field day.”

According to the softball team, the results were neat and clean. Their hard work made a difference, proving it to anyone that played on the field.

“It was easy and simple,” junior Elyssa Frezza said. “Looking at the field before it was horrible and a disaster, and the after result was amazing!”

There were other changes as well, such as a windscreen to block the wind and a new one was surely needed.

“I liked the new fence covering because it helped with the wind,” senior Brooke Eskew said, “but they didn’t fix the field until after the season, so we didn’t get a chance to play on the new field.”

Though it was too late for the JV players to experience the upgrades, varsity players got the chance to appreciate them.