Crocs’ popularity surges among students, again


Tyler Watford, Sports Editor

A shoe? Slide? Sandal? Crocs have rolled their way into many students’ wardrobes.

Crocs have their own classification of shoe: foam clogs, a combination of sandals and slides. Students have been brought back into the spotlight 21 years after their creation, and their ease of use makes them appealing.

“They’re comfortable,” junior Addison Johnson said. “I bought mine so I could wear them after basketball games and track meets.”

Some students, however, dislike the shoe’s looks.

“I just don’t like looking at them,” sophomore Nicole Levoy said. “I prefer Birkenstocks.”

One thing that separates Crocs from other shoes is how customizable they are. Decorative charms called Jibbitz can be inserted into the shoe’s holes.

“I like the Jibbitz, they’re pretty cute,” Lavoy said, “but I still prefer Birkenstocks.”

There are all sorts of different kinds of Jibbitz: fruits, box TVs, animals, numbers, letters, and more.

The amount of ways you can style your shoe is endless.

Crocs have expanded just from the classic clog style. They also offer slides, fur lined, sandals, and snow boots.

Not everyone likes the new styles.

“They were nice until more styles were made,” junior Dylan Kelley said. “Fur lined ones came out and then it just got out of hand.”

Despite this, most students like the new styles and find the purchase worth it.

“I like them,” junior Akiyah Henderson said. “The fuzzy ones are better than the normal ones.”

Fur lined Crocs are pretty popular, especially with Michigan’s cold weather.

“The fur Crocs are where it’s at,” junior Landon Drew said. “They are so comfortable.”

Students who don’t own Crocs also think positively about the shoe.

“I don’t have a pair,” sophomore Diego Arce said, “but I feel they’re a seven out of ten in comfort level.”

Comfortability is also an important factor when it comes to buying Crocs.

“When I’m trying to stunt, I’ll throw them on,” junior Riley Sangster said, “but the comfort attracts me heavily.”

This comfort is more important than looks for some students.

“They’re kind of ugly, but the comfort is impeccable,” junior William Chen said.

Crocs are available for purchase at any nearby mall. Many students believe this purchase is well worth it.