Highlight: Utica upsets Rochester

Chieftains take down the Rochester Falcons in final seconds for a 27-24 victory


Natalie Garwood

Junior Isaiah McGarry stands for the National Anthem at the first home game of the season,

Tyler Watford, Sports Editor

A once in a lifetime moment, a moment taken straight out of a movie, the last play, the last throw, the last second. The Rochester falcons settle for a field goal on fourth down, junior Jayden McBain returns the ball to the Chieftains’ 35 yard line.

Senior Jack Malone takes over on offense, snaps the ball scrambles and then is sandwiched between two Falcons.

Malone suffered an injury to his shoulder, so he leaves the reins to junior Tyler Powrozek.

Powrozek is left with a minute and 20 seconds to drive the Chieftains into the end zone.

Senior Tommie Boyd II catches the ball midfield, then breaks three tackles getting 19 yards.

“I had a good feeling,” Boyd said, “got ourselves in a good spot to make something big happen.”

Powrozek takes the snap, drops back and launches the ball to Isaiah McGarry. McGarry is blown up by Rochester’s safety number 9, his helmet sent flying.

“I was hit pretty hard but I didn’t feel much with my adrenaline rushing,” junior Isaiah McGarry said. “I just needed to help my team.”

McGarry toughed it out and continued to play, drawing a flag and moving the Chieftains up to the 21 yard line

Utica’s offense picked up where they left off unable to score but suffering a holding penalty from Jayden McBain, bringing them back to the 31 yard line.

Powrozek put in a bad spot, only left with 10 seconds to make one last stand.

“I was pretty nervous, I had one play and one chance to win,” Powrozek said. “I trusted my team and we had to win.”

Powrozek knew what he had to do and this was his last chance

Powrozek drops back, scans the field, sees junior Numehne Gwilly in the end zone and launches the ball.

Hearts pounded on the Utica sideline, hoping for the best.

The balls was tipped and Gwilly pulls it in one handed, taking down the Rochester Falcons 27-24.

The entire Utica sideline erupted in cheers, the team rushed the field in celebration, the Falcons stands cleared in an instant.

Cries of happiness, cheers of excitement, nothing mattered. All that mattered was the Chieftains beat the Falcons.

Rival schools Eisenhower and Utica face off. (Natalie Garwood)