Diversity Summit


TeYanna Eades, Reporter

The Diversity Summit was held on Monday, March 13. It was a great learning experience for all that went there. This event introduces you to people from all different backgrounds to work together and work on things to break down systemic barriers.
“There were sessions that dealt with issues including wellness, healthy lifestyles, different cultures and gender identity.” associate principal Deborah Olson said.
This event consisted of different students from different backgrounds about systemic things people go through.
Hardships that can uplift you into being the person you are today. In this event, it included multiple sessions on different topics on the lines of the LGBT community, Storytelling, Workshop, Art and Poetry and much more. Many students listened to a speaker named Ms. Satori Shakoor and learned many things from her.
“I met new people,” junior Camila Agustin said. “We talked about topics that people wouldn’t normally talk about, like racism and minorities.”
In one part of Ms. Shakoor’s session, she talked about different ethnicities and races, as well how certain things have affected them and how they overcame it.
Students loved how Ms. Shakoor used different methods to get her point across.
“I had a great time, junior Kennadi Hazen said, “Ms. Satori handled storytelling, sharing experiences, workshop and how to tell a love story.”
She also did different speeches in other buildings that were uplifting to whoever went.
“I could relate to things from her like coming from a different country,” sophomore Edith Vargas-Nunez said, “It brought me hope in myself, it was sad but in a good way.”
More students who went to Ms. Shakoor’s sessions were uplifted in a way. Ms. Shakoor also sang a song regarding racism, as a part of her storytelling.
“She was amazing,” Agustin said, “I really liked the way she incorporated song in her speech, and she even talked about her own struggles to connect with us.”
“I really liked the show they introduced storytelling, sophomore Xinyan Xie said, “Though, I think they should have incorporated more breakout sessions.”
The Diversity Summit was an overall way to connect to students and speakers to understand different points of views. It opens your minds to others experiences as to also talk about yours.