Leadership day event led by student council

Alessandra Ivanaj, Reporter

Many people have the ability to become a leader, either of a community or a program. Leaders can also help to find other leaders who are determined to build something, anything. On Feb. 8, student council put on an event to collaborate and interact with many young leaders, Leadership Day.
“We got kids from Eppler,” senior Gabbie Boskovich said, “and we got people to teach them to be leaders.”
The purpose of this event was to recognizes students from Eppler and Utica for their hard work that teachers picked specifically.
“It allowed people to show characteristics for leaders,” Boskovich said. “It started in second hour and ended in sixth hour.”
Many different student interacted with each other.
“We did icebreakers to make everyone more comfortable,” senior Angela Matthews said. “We also played inspirational videos.” A speaker was invited to give a speech in the auditorium.
“That was one of the best speakers I’ve ever heard,” principal Tim Youngblood said. “The idea to get him was from a teacher at Eisenhower who recommended him.“
“It was really good and very encouraging,“ senior Irkia Polus said. “He talked about tactics in the ECC.“
The way the speaker presented his words was considered very unique to the students there.
“ The speaker was the best part,“ Ssnior Isabella Yatooma said, “he brought out a dead rat and Mountain Dew to explain character.“
The activities were considered fun and they pertained to leadership building and interacting with other students.
“There was a shark tank pitch for one of the activities,“ senior Lana Gamoura said. “You could pitch your own ideas.“
The program contained a diverse set of students.
“We got a group of seniors and organized activities,“ senior Ava Cybulski said.“We had avid kids nominated and kids all from 9-12th grade.“
Organizing this event was a fun time for the student council.
“It was fun, there was a large group of people,“ senior Abigail Williams said, “The speaker talked about accountability and the meaning behind the name.“
The program was a way to expand the minds of possible leaders among the students in UCS.
“We did fun little games and watched videos,” junior Tyler Watford said. “It was to acknowledge people with leadership skills.“
Overall, Leadership Day was a educational, innovative and a lively way to expand the minds of young leaders.