Senior named finalist in web design contest

Miakayla Leaverson travels to Southfield this weekend to present her website to a panel of judges


Makenna Galui

Senior Miakayla Leaverson is a finalist in the Michigan Council of Women in Technology Foundation’s website design competition.

Makenna Galui, Managing Editor

Students use the Internet every day, whether it is to google a question or just browse websites. But rarely do they ever stop to think about how the websites came to be.

Senior Miakayla Leaverson took on the challenge to create her own website and enter it into the Michigan Council of Women in Technology Web Design contest. She was recently announced as one of the finalists in the advanced category.

“I did not take any web design classes before this year,” Leaverson said. “However, I created designs at home on websites such as Tumblr.”

Leaverson first found out about the contest from her web design teacher, Craig Smale.

“In an introductory elective class, we hope to teach students  the basics and inspire them to explore beyond the classroom. For the short amount of time we have each day, we can only scratch the surface in terms of the ever-changing web development content available,” Smale said. “I’m really excited that Miakayla took her classroom experiences and prior knowledge to the next level by participating in this competition.”

The contest required students to design a website with a “Love Those Pets” theme.

Leaverson received an email on Monday, informed her that she was a finalist.

“I didn’t receive the email right away,” Leaverson said. ” I was convinced I did not win.”

All of the finalists are now required to compose a speech and present their website to a panel of judges. The presentations will be held at 8:30 am on Saturday in Southfield.

“I am very nervous,” Leaverson said. “I only have two more days to write and practice my presentation.”

Leaverson’s winning website presents different types of pets, as well as pet appreciation. It also explains how and why readers should adopt a pet.

“Considering Miakayla started the project two weeks after the class started, it’s an outstanding site,” Smale said. “From a design standpoint, it’s both professional and creative. From a technical standpoint, the coding extends well beyond the basics covered in an introductory web design class.”

The contest is encouraging finalists and the attendees to tweet out about the event with the hashtags #IMadeTheMCWTFinals or #MCWTFinal.