Students prep for Christmas traditions

Family, lights, food, presents expected this season

Preparing for the new year can be as simple as setting up lights and getting in touch with family.

Most  students say that they love doing all of the preparations that accompany the holiday season.

“I plan on hanging out with family,” senior Alexander Dahdah said, “and setting up decorations, as well.”

Dahdah respects working with his family, and does it every year.

Christmas shopping is used every year to pass on happiness and give thanks to others.

“Shopping with friends and family,” senior Justin Dwyer said, “and spending time with them, too, is how I like to spend my time during Christmas.”

Visits during Christmas is one other way to get ready for this holiday with some support with setting up decor, shopping, making food, and much more.

“My favorite part is getting up early to see closer family members,” Robert Madly said. “You know, to see the little ones.”

Hanging with cousins and family can be fun, and an enjoyable thing for some is finding out what to get them.

Getting together with friends and family is another way students here may get ready for the holidays and new year, to really kick it off.

“My family hangs out all together,” senior Noah Conley said. “We do this while putting together the set for Christmas.”

Presents, of course, usually play a big role in Christmas. Making sure that people get the items on their wish lists is what is on the minds of many, while others are just thinking about the weather.

“I’ll probably be staying at home all day due to weather,” junior Remares Bell said. “I’ll be putting up my tree and playing video games.”