Students look back at family Thanksgiving traditions

Collin Fox, Guest Reporter

From stuffing, to cranberry sauce, to every turkey in between, every American celebrates Thanksgiving in their own special way. The majority of Americans spend time with their families around this holiday.

At these family gatherings, many have traditions that they like to do with each other every year.

Most Detroit fans like to watch the Lions play on Thanksgiving Day.

“We eat turkey, watch the parade,” teacher Susan Bernardi ┬ásaid, “and, of course, watch the Lions game.”

Many families have their own unique traditions.

“We set popcorn out to get stale,” senior Maureen Lamers said, “so we can string it on the tree.”

“My family and I like to watch the Detroit parade every year,” sophomore Alek Beyer said.

“We always go around the dinner table,” junior Noah Komie said, “and say what we are thankful for.”

But of course, the main event of Thanksgiving is always the food.

“We always make and eat apple and pumpkin pies,” junior Remares Bell said.

“Normall,y I don’t eat a lot of food, I especially don’t like turkey,” senior Kevin Pengili said, “but on Thanksgiving I eat as much as possible at dinner with my family.”