Students vote in mock presidential election

Kevin Pengili

This election had not only divided the country, but also this school .

Utica had its own mock election, and like the real one, Donald J. Trump won over Hillary Clinton.

Seniors Ava Hann and Peter Marki both agreed that Trump’s stand against abortion was a big reason to vote for him. The fact that he was a republican also helped make their decision.

“I don’t agree with the things he said,” Hann said, “but I still think he’s a better candidate.”

Marki had different reasons for voting.

“I didn’t like Hillary’s whole e-mail scandal,”Marki said.

Senior Emma Keenan, however, supported Hillary.

“I liked that Hillary actually had some political experience,” Keenan said, “unlike Trump.”

Trump’s lack of experience isn’t the only thing Keenan disliked about him.

“I also don’t like the fact he would bring up things,” Keenan said, “and have no evidence for it.”

While a majority of people would pick these two major party candidates, senior Noah Field picked Bernie Sanders as his man. Even though Sanders was never in the presidential campaign, Fields still picked him because “he was open and honest.”

Both Trump and Hillary were disliked by many people, and Field was one of them.

“I don’t like Hillary because of the scandals,” Field said, “and I don’t like Trump because he has a big, dumb mouth.”