Starbucks Cups

Are they really offensive to the holiday spirit?

Kelsie Donaldson, Reporter

When Thanksgiving comes to an end, people are ready to put up their trees and blast holiday tunes. But one crucial holiday essential for those coffee lovers is the Christmas-themed cups at Starbucks. People argued that the festive cups were offensive towards people who don’t celebrate Christmas, which resulted in a big debate: is a decorated cup really offensive?

When Christmas and winter time roll around and everyone else is in the holiday spirit, it’s only expected for Starbucks to hop on that trend to attract more customers.

Since each day they have customers of different race, religion, and so on, they make their products as diverse as possible while still staying in the spirit.

Even though they do have some drinks that have Christmas names, such as Christmas blend, their cups and drinks are pretty diverse and shouldn’t be offensive.

The topic was really over exaggerated for what it was, especially when there are bigger things to be worrying about. The holiday season is supposed to be happy and cheerful.

Saying a festive cup is offensive is like saying Christmas lights are offensive. The point of the cups is to be festive and get only the Christmas spirit, but also the winter spirit.

Some are complaining that Starbucks cups aren’t celebrating Christmas enough. They argue their designs are more like a winter design or a snowy forest. This is actually just really convenient for the people who don’t celebrate Christmas because it can just be a fun winter design to them, regardless is they celebrate Christmas or not.

“Personally, I don’t get it. Especially when there’s other things to worry about,” principal Tom Lietz said, “People are upset over too much.”

The Christmas season happens every year no matter what, and people are going to celebrate with lights, trees, and anything else that makes them get into the spirit.

It’s something you will be around every year whether you celebrate it or not, and a decorated cup is Starbucks’ version of lights and a tree.

Sure, the argument of it being a diverse place and lots of people going there on a daily basis can be brought up, but like I said earlier, all the cups don’t look like a specific Christmas design.

Starbucks took a different route this year and came out with multiple designs that are more directed towards winter.

So far there has been no complaints and people really love them.

“I’ve only been working there a month so I haven’t heard much,” Starbucks worker Annabel Aquino said. “I did have one lady complain that we were no longer using the normal white cups, but for the most part everyone really likes them.”

It seems the designs this year are working really well and aren’t receiving much complaint.

In the past years there were big arguments and fights over simple cups, but now it seems like people don’t care as much or don’t really pay much attention.

Personally, I never really pay attention. To me they were always just cups but when the arguments started I could see where people were coming from.

Obviously there is much bigger things to worry about, the cups are just a fun way to get in the winter spirit for everybody.