AVID is popping with popcorn sales

Kaci watt and Ethan Cartwright, Copy Editor and Editor in Chief

The unmistakable smell of popcorn filled the hallway, and students were excited to find that AVID introduced fresh popcorn sales as a new fundraiser during lunch. In addition to advertising the AVID class, they are raising money for class outings and college visits.
“The idea generated when AVID came together,” senior Omaure Miller said. “It was a good idea to advertise the class.”
AVID is a program dedicated to college readiness and the building of resumes that colleges look for in applicants. The program is looking to recruit students in ninth grade, in order to help them along their entire high school career.
The popcorn sales take place every Friday during all lunch hours. The popcorn machine itself, and all sales, are student run.
The popcorn is served in a classic movie theater style red and white container. Students are then given a choice of seasonings, such as butter or ranch.
“Popcorn Fridays have become a staple between my friends and myself,” senior Clorissa Moua said, “It’s cool that we get to support AVID, too.”