DIY Christmas gifts

Nicole Mcmenomay, Reporter

With Christmas coming closer, many find themselves scrambling to find the perfect Christmas gifts for loved ones and friends. However, it can be difficult to make all their Christmas wishes come true, especially when money is tight.
If being a little bit crafty isn’t something you’re afraid of, then look no further as the solution for a budget-conscious shopper this holiday season is as simple as buying some mason jars.
That’s a bit of an exaggeration, but these ideas are cute, seasonal, and friendly to your wallet as well as being sure to impress all that receive them while starting off with a simple jar.
Beginning with something yummy and reminiscent of everybody’s favorite reindeer, Rudolph, fill a jar with either the candy whoppers or another chocolate confection that mimics the color of Rudolf’s fur.
Close the lid and add brown pipe-cleaner antlers to the top and a red pom-pom for the nose. For other holiday themed candy jars, consider making ones to mimic Santa or a snowman.
By changing the colors of the candy you choose, for example using red licorice for santa’s suit or mint Lifesavers for the body of a snowman, and adding a red ribbon and cut-out buckle or black pom poms as coal buttons, you can customize this easy project however you’d like.