Groundhog Day

Evan Gray, Guest Reporter

Groundhog Day is a tradition held on February 2nd each year. It’s a day in which a groundhog comes out of hibernation and to see if it sees its shadow or not. If the groundhog sees its shadow then there will be six more weeks of winter. But if it doesn’t see its shadow then warm weather and spring is coming soon.

This year when the groundhog came out of hibernation, it saw its shadow. So now six more weeks of winter are expected for the country.

Groundhog Day comes along with a lot of speculation. Many people believe that the groundhog seeing its shadow or not doesn’t mean that it will change how the seasons change.

“I definitely don’t think Groundhog Day is real,” sophomore Bella Chirco said. “An animal can’t just predict when it is [going to] start to get warm out, the groundhog doesn’t even know what spring or winter is.”

Since people think it’s real or fake, the same people either recognize the day as a holiday or just another normal day in the year.

“Groundhog Day is just another normal day for me,” sophomore Steve Selmani said. “But I still wish that we could get school off for it.”