Welcoming back old trends


Leah Wylie, Guest Reporter

The hallways are flashing back to the ’90s. But are they? Chokers have been around in fashion for thousands of years, however they used to serve as more of protection than decoration back in ancient Egypt. The popular trend, chokers, are characterized as a tight necklace that is made of ribbon, felt, plastic, or other materials.

The choker necklace trend is spreading through student fashion like wildfire. We first saw this trend come back during 2015 New York fashion week from numerous designers, then into outfits of well-known celebrities like Kendall Jenner.

“In school, you see a lot of girls wearing them,” junior Jessica Capanda said, “and outside of school you see the same.”

The typical way to wear a choker seems to be around your neck, alone or with other necklaces, with semi-casual attire. Even though this is the most common wear of the choker, variations are acceptable. Chokers add an “edgy” feel to any look.

“When you are scrubbing, meaning wearing sweatpants, you can’t throw on a choker to make your outfit look better,” senior Camryn Smith said.

Like any trend, the choker has faded in and out of style. As the popularity of the chokers fall, the price lowers, enticing buyers and raising the popularity and price. It is a classic example of supply and demand.

“It is kind of ridiculous that they are so expensive just because they are so popular now,” senior Makenna Galui said. “I think that they should go back to their cheap price because they are basically just pieces of cloth.”

Eventually the fixation on chokers will wither away, and something will replace it as the new fad. What will it be? Bell-bottom jeans? Girls wearing men’s ties? Scrunchies? Only time will tell, but that doesn’t stop people from wondering.

“A ’90s trend that I’ve noticed coming back [is] scrunchies,” senior Kelsey Rife said. “I have seen a couple girls wearing them around school.”

It will be interesting to see what other elements of ’90s fashion make their way back into present day outfits.