Students gear up for summer activities

Evan Gray , Guest Reporter

The highlight of every summer for many people is the activities that come along with it. Some of the best things to do over the three months of freedom from studying are to explore with friends, go places you’ve never been before, and have a great time.

“Summer is one of my favorite things ever,” sophomore Chanel Nona said. “It’s always such a good time and my favorite memories seem to always be in summer.”

One new thing that is bound to be a hit this summer will be CJ Barrymore’s new zip-line that was added to the park this spring. The ride exceeds expectations of a traditional zip-line and seats two people per ride.

“I am so excited to try Barrymore’s zip-line,” junior Julia Aquino said. “I really like tall rides and the thrill that comes along with them.”

Since this summer is expected to be warm, beaches and water-related activities should be hits with students and their families.

“I feel like this summer, going to Riverbends [park] will be a frequent thing,” junior Logan Schultz said. “I love going there and hanging out with all my friends.”

Vacationing is also a frequent thing that students love to do over the summer months. They usually go with their families or friends.

“[My family and I] go up north frequently over summer,” sophomore Alex Dicicco said. “I know going up north isn’t technically vacation, but it’s so fun that I look at it like it is.”