Students take the stage in talent show

Madalyn Dishman, Guest Reporter

Whether you can play the guitar while riding a skateboard, or you can recite the alphabet backwards in Spanish, everyone has a talent. On May 19, students took the stage to show off their special skills for the rest of the school.

These performers varied their acts on a widespread. Some students showed their skills through song while others danced their hearts out. There was even a hula hoop routine.

“I think we did great regarding how quick we had auditions and then the performance,” sophomore Lindsey Berg said. “I will definitely do it again next year because it’s fun to perform in front of people.”

How well can you hula hoop? Sophomore Hanna Deckert has been training in hoop dancing for three and a half years. Deckert performed her routine to “Youth Without Youth” by Metric as she wowed the audience with her unique ability. Although this talent isn’t as common, there is still a lot of work necessary to perfect hoop dancing.

“Hoop dancing is a fun way to show creativity,” Deckert said. “I think the audience was kind of shocked but thought it was cool.”

Along with Deckert, the show continued on with many other students who had talents such as beatboxing, playing different instruments, singing, and dancing. The talent show showcased different students’ talents and entertained the crowd throughout the course of the evening.