Seniors say goodbye with fun and games


Evan Gray and Collin Fox

For most seniors, the senior picnic is one of their last events at Utica as a student. It is a tradition at Utica and most high schools do not give their seniors this kind of send-off before graduation. The picnic consisted of the entire senior class getting together, eating food, and playing the activities that were provided for the picnic.

“The picnic is very fun,” senior Anhur Nahedh said. “There is a lot to do and there are lots of people.”

Seniors weren’t the only ones who were at the picnic. Administrators and teachers were also there supervising the students, enjoying all the activities and saying their final goodbyes to the seniors.

“It’s really fun and a great experience for us staff and the seniors,” principal Thomas Lietz said, “but the only problem I have is there is way too much food.”

Though the picnic is very fun and entertaining, it was very emotional for everyone because the seniors, teachers, and administrators were saying goodbye to the people they saw every day for three years.

“It’s a lot of fun and [has] a lot of  nostalgia,” senior Ethan Cartwright said. “It was a very good way to end it.”

The senior picnic was the seniors’ last goodbye to the staff and students of our school prior to graduation.