Seniors spend unofficial school day skipping, at home, or stuck at school

Kelsey Rife, Reporter

Senior skip day is a fun and eventful day for all seniors who participate, although it can also cause students to fall behind on school work as the end of the school year quickly approaches. Senior skip day can be all fun and games for students, but for the teachers, it can be stressful. Teachers must plan around majority of students being absent, while still planning a lesson for those who do attend school that day.

“I have been planning on going to the zoo for senior skip day since the beginning of the school year,” senior Valerie Stafford said. “I hope the weather is nice and the trip is fun.”

Many seniors head off to the zoo, the water park, or even Cedar Point for the day. While the seniors are off having fun at various places, the teachers and students who are left at school are still working hard.

“I don’t think the day should exist,” principal Thomas Lietz said. “It should be called ‘I-Don’t-Have-The-Guts-To-Skip-So-I-Have-My-Mom-Call-Me-Out Day’, instead.”

For many seniors, however, skip day is one of the last opportunities to spend time with school friends before heading separate ways in the fall for college. Most seniors want to get together one last time before the school year ends to do something fun together outside of school.

“I’m going to Cedar Point for senior skip day,” senior Jaclyn Juncaj said. “I want to go somewhere fun with all my friends one last time.”

Although many seniors go out and have a good time on that day, some do not. Some seniors would rather still come to school so they don’t fall behind.

“I’m not going anywhere for senior skip day,” senior Carl Elder said. “I didn’t want to miss school for a day because I know I’ll still be spending the whole summer with all my friends before we all depart for different colleges in the fall.”

In addition, some students would rather stay home to relax. Many also take the day to sleep in, catching up on the all the sleep they lost throughout the year.

“I’m taking the day to just sleep in,” senior Nicole Coleone said. “I’m just taking the day off as an opportunity to relax.”
No matter how seniors spend senior skip day, it is still an important milestone to pass on their road to graduation.