After promposals, students make dress, tuxedo, transportation decisions


Makenna Galui

Senior Makenna Galui purchased her prom dress from Windsor.

Nicole McMenomay, Reporter

Prom is the one thing many seniors look forward to most when thinking about the end of their senior year besides graduation. It’s one of the last events where seniors are able to be with their entire class before they all go their separate ways. It’s also another chance to get dressed up one last time after the homecoming dance.

Between figuring out the best way to ask your date through a “promposal,” searching for the perfect dress or tux, arranging transportation, and finding the perfect spot for taking pictures, it can be somewhat of a stressful time.

Evan Zack, a junior attending with one of his friends, has been preoccupied with getting the best fit for his suit.

“It’s been pretty crazy because I still have to get alterations done on my tuxedo,” Zack said. “They won’t be done until the week of the dance.”

His date, senior Michaela Richardson, is facing the struggle of whether a party bus or a nice car would be the better option for a way to prom, as well as trying to justify her $500 gown.

“It’s a Sherri Hill dress and I really love it,” Richardson said. “So I hope the money I spent is worth it. I think it is.”
Regardless of the hectic preparations beforehand, most people agree that prom is a worthwhile memory to have.