Students thank teachers during appreciation week

Jacob Joseph, Guest Reporter

As summer gets closer, so does the end of the school year. All the lectures, homework, and long hours of hard work are about to come to an end.

Students may not miss the hours of work, but they’ll most certainly miss their teachers. During the week of May 9, teachers around the nation were appreciated for the job they do.
Whether it’s a math teacher, gym teacher or a counselor, they all have an impact in our lives in and out of school.

“My favorite teacher has to be Mr. Smith,” sophomore Mackenzie Malone said. “He’s really cool, connects with his students, and puts his students first.”

The teachers were given a week of special treatment. Throughout the week the teachers enjoyed breakfast, coffee in the morning, soup and salad received from parents, and lunch from Da Francesca’s.
On top of that, the teachers enjoyed gifts such as new clipboards and coolers.

“I loved everything about the week,” teacher Courtney Struck said. “But my favorite part had to be the Da Francesca’s lunch.”
As the whole week was about showing teacher appreciation, many students reminisce on the importance of teachers.

“They’re important because they help you learn,” junior Nalani Renta said. “They’ve helped us become who we are as we grow.”

Many seniors have shown their support for the teachers. As they begin a new chapter in life, seniors like senior Zachary Arafat want to thank their teachers for all the work they’ve put into the students’ success.

“Teachers have helped me in so many ways,” Arafat said. “Without them, I wouldn’t be able to get an education. It’s one of the most important jobs there is.”

With being a teacher, you’re relied upon by many students. Teaching kids, making connections, and always being there for students is what makes it a very important job.

“Teachers are basically our parents during the school day,” senior Patrick O’Connor said. “We rely on them, and they rely on us to try our best.”