Homecoming week competition date moved

Traditional assembly moved from Monday to Thursday


Angelita Garcia

The 2015 homecoming court poses for a picture after they are announced at the competition assembly.

Elizabeth Cetnar, Editor-in-Chief

“Nobody does it like Utica,” associate principal Peter Paulon said.

Paulon was speaking of competition day – the infamous day of fun for the students of Utica High School. A day of games, school and class spirit, and face paint – a lot of face paint.

In recent years, the day has caused a headache for administration and office staff, due to the large number of students excused from the final half of the school day following the competition between the sophomore, junior, and senior classes. To combat this from happening, and in accordance with new calendar conference dates, the traditional Monday assembly has been moved to the half-day of Thursday, Oct. 12.

“The decision was made with the input of the principal’s cabinet,” Student Council adviser Steven Haley jokingly explained, “and ultimately, with the input of the administration.”

So far, the change has only been made for the 2017 homecoming because of the coincidental half-day.

The day the assembly is held is not the only thing that’s changing – traditions like the announcement of the senior homecoming court will change as well, according to Haley.

The senior homecoming court will be announced to the school on Monday, as it always has. This year, however, the names will be read over the public address system during fifth hour. The voting for the homecoming king and queen will take place in seniors’ English classes the following day. The tradition of showcasing and announcing the court to the student body will happen at the competition assembly on Thursday.

The new date for the competition assembly is believed to be beneficial to students and staff. All classes will be held as normal on Monday, the beginning of homecoming week, and students will be able to have a half day of fun on Thursday before they are dismissed for the afternoon and evening parent-teacher conferences.

“Do I think it’s a good idea?” Haley asked. “It’s a good idea for what was already going to be a half-day.”