‘Stranger Things’ flips Netflix upside down with season two

The hit Netflix show released its second season.

Alexa Reynolds and Madalyn Dishman

‘Stranger Things’ was the third biggest hit of a Netflix Original that Netflix has ever had, and it took less than a month to reach that status. In the first 35 days that ‘Stranger Things’ was released, over 14 million people watched the first season, so the big question was: will season two live up to the expectations of the fans?

“I’m thinking,” junior Cameron Haydon said, “[the second season] will be more in depth about the Upside Down and going into that world.”

Season two has taken over social media, with the show’s hashtag trending on the date of its release and Netflix, celebrities, and fans all tweeting their opinions and spoilers. This show has made an impact on millions of fans worldwide.

“The [first] season made me feel really happy,” junior Hailee Fluent said. “But it also made me terrified, scared, and spooky.”

By having a highly-anticipated season of a show that rocked the sci-fi world coming out in October, what many believe to be the most spooky month of the year, there were suspicions of new antagonists that will bring both new and old conspiracies and theories to light. A whole list of new characters rocked the current characters’ world and has brought a new element to the show.

“I was really excited to watch season two because I loved season one so much,” junior Colleen Roberts said. “It was so interesting to see how these new characters played into the story line and the outcome of the show.”

Stranger Things was released on October 27, and with the supernaturally horrific theme of the show, the ratings skyrocketed.