Tennis team wins at divisionals

Jacob Joseph, Copy Editor

On Tuesday, the tennis team may have had the school day off, but they were hard at work on the tennis courts. Playing at three sites, each singles player and doubles teams were battling it out against MAC White opponents. Going into the tournament, the team were hopeful to win divisionals as last year they escaped as champions after winning by one point. As the end of the tournament was nearing, many of the players were hopeful they won as most of them won their games. In order to win divisionals you have the get the most points throughout the tournament. The team was able to come out with a victory after a long and sunny day.

They had a total of 41 points, winning by 7 points as second place Dakota got 31 points.

The results of the tournaments can be shown here:

  1. Utica-41 points
  2. Dakota-34 points
  3. L’Anse Cruese- 33 points
  4. L’Anse Cruese North- 25 points
  5. Cousino- 18 points
  6. Romeo- 9 points
  7. Stevenson- 8 points

Many players and coaches were very optimistic after winning divisionals.

“Hard work and team unity contributed to the success of the team during the tournament,” said Coach Michols said. “This team continues to amaze me, win after win, championship after championship. I’m so proud to be apart of this program.”

“I believe it was a good team win,” sophomore Vincenzo Russo said. “Now our goal is to make it to states.”

“The team looks really good,” sophomore Cooper Doucette said. “It’s cool hearing them every time they play.”

The team now has a major task ahead of them as they have regionals on October 14th.